Is your home still stuck in the 70s? Do you hate having guests over because your house isn’t up to par for entertaining? Are you wanting to put your home on the market and are weary of how it may be perceived. Or maybe you’re just clueless on how out of date your home really is. Well we’re here to help!

White Appliances

White appliances are a huge turnoff. Sure, a white washer and dryer are fine, those are most likely never seen by house guests. But white appliances? If you had your house listed for sale, potential home buyers would immediately be calculating how much it would cost to overhaul the kitchen appliances. Stainless steel is all the rage. If you have reservations about your kids’ fingerprints all over the faces of your new appliances, a stainless look option is also available. Or, if your kitchen is dark enough or has black accents, you can go with black appliances.

Wallpaper and Bold Paint

Wallpaper is a no-no altogether. No one likes wallpaper. Especially potential buyers. No one wants to spent their first days in their new home ripping down wallpaper, patching walls, and painting. This also goes for the amount of time and paint someone would  have to use covering up bold walls. Out with the teals, pinks, and reds. Whether you’re looking to repaint for yourself or sell, neutral and natural colors are the way to go. Gray is a big hit these days, and browns and taupes are a safe bet.

Bonus tip: When the walls are dry and you’re ready to hang pictures and prints back up on the wall, stop! Don’t clutter. Don’t hang too many family pictures. Prints look best on walls, picture frames look best on mantels and bookshelves. Check out Jim Booth.

Brass and Chrome Hardware

Take a moment to walk through your house and jot down the different colors of hardware you see on your door knobs and hinges, light fixtures, shower curtain rods, and kitchen and bathroom sink. Bet you never noticed that before. There’s a very low percentage of houses I’ve walked into that have completely matching hardware. The cheapest fix to updating, especially if you plan to sell right away, is brushed nickel. If you plan to enjoy the house for a little while longer, do it right and upgrade to oil rubbed bronze. While you’re counting all the hardware you need to replace, why not take a look at your outlet and switch plates to make sure they all match too.

Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn is delicious. A popcorn ceiling is disastrous. I understand why it’s still there though. The way to get rid of popcorn ceilings is to completely scrape the ceilings. This process can get you way over your head, literally. It’s okay to call in backup. Give me a call and I can recommend you to one of my preferred contractors.

Mosaic Backsplash

This look is better used in a bathroom, as an accent on a shower wall, niche, or floor. Having it in your kitchen was so 10 years ago. The plain white subway tile is the latest trend in kitchens. Just make sure you get those white appliances out of there before installing it.

The 80s Called. Their decor choices were so bad, they just want them in the trash.

Carpeted bathrooms? Yikes! Yes, I know that carpet is nicer than cold, tiled floor first thing in the morning. But can you say mold?! Don’t skimp and put linoleum down. Tile is always on sale at Lowe’s. Wooden wainscoting is good. Wood paneling is bad. Luckily, it’s an easy fix. If you find it’s too much to rip it out, just paint it a neutral color. The 90s are also recalling their linoleum floors.

The Bottom Line

If you have any questions about the proper updates you need to do to your home, not only to enjoy it more but to increase your profit if you decide to sell, give Travis a call at 843-261-4838