With the housing market still steadily favoring the sellers, more and more homeowners are considering tossing their name in the hat and putting their home up for sale to reap the benefits of multiple offers and closing close to, if not above, asking price. Have you been considering selling, but your home just isn’t ready to list yet? Or, maybe you’re looking to do renovations with the intention of selling in the future. I’ve got a few suggestions that will get you more cash for your home.

The best way to attack renovations is to decide which ones are more important, and which ones need to be attended to first. If you have a dilapidated roof, pinhole leaks in your copper pipes, or rotted floors, those need to be tackled before upgrading the finishing work. The easiest way to do this is order a home inspection before you list so you know what you’re up against. A home inspection is ordered on almost every property before closing, so problems will be found out either way, and most buyers will require the sellers to make renovations or they will pull out of the deal.

While kitchens and bathrooms do get the most attention, curb appeal is what’s going to interest a buyer into your home first. Since the first picture on a MLS listing is most likely a view of the front of your home, it needs to look its best. Mow the grass! Get your flower beds under control. Fresh mulch and small flowers can do the trick. Don’t forget to water them though! Give your front door a new coat of paint. If your door handle is outdated or damaged, replace it. Otherwise it’ll be fine to leave since a new owner will change the locks anyways. Make sure the porch light is functional and bright. Don’t forget to dress up your porch if you have the room. A wicker loveseat or small iron bistro set is a nice touch.

If you’ve had children and/or pets, it would probably be a good idea to replace your flooring. Even though carpet is the cheapest option, most potential buyers will be looking for hardwoods. Try to keep the carpet to the secondary bedrooms. If you can’t afford tile or hardwoods for the main areas of the house, look at getting laminate installed. If it isn’t feasible to replace flooring before you list, perhaps because you’re worried the kids and dogs will ruin it, have your listing agent add a note that you are willing to provide a flooring allowance at closing.

Kitchens are a very big, multi-step process. There are lots of different components to look at when thinking about upgrading the space. While it’s not necessary to completely replace your cabinets, think about giving the doors a face lift, or even just applying a fresh coat of paint and replacing hardware. For your countertops, the importance of the material really depends on what you want to list your home for, and what has been put in comparable homes in your area. Buyers whose budget is over $200,000 will be expecting granite while buyers with budgets below that understand that homes in their price point will most likely have laminate countertops. A good way to judge what your kitchen should have, check out your neighbors. If they all have higher end kitchens, you should look at matching them. However, even if they have smaller budget kitchens, your home in the neighborhood being the only one with an upgraded kitchen is a good selling point. Now, even though I’ve been mentioning granite, that doesn’t mean there are other options out there such as quartz, silestone, and corian. If you plan to let any of your appliances convey, it is important that they match. They don’t have to be stainless, black and slate are becoming popular in this market, but they should definitely not be white.

If your head is spinning, don’t worry, we are here to help. If you just aren’t a good DIYer or think you may be a little over your head on some of the projects, give Travis a call at 843-261-4838.