5 Tips to Make Your House Sellable

Most sellers believe that in this hot market, they should have an offer on their home within the first 72 hours, however, they do not understand that they are a small part of the success of their home sale. A good agent can get their listing in front of 100s of buyers, but the attempt will do nothing if buyers do not like the first impression of a home. Remember, a first impression is worth a thousand words.

Are you toying with the idea of putting your home on the market? Get a jumpstart on making your house picture perfect and ready to list. We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips to make your home more inviting to potential buyers.
1. Clean! Clean! Clean!
You’re thinking “Why yes, Captain Obvious! Of course we’re going to clean our house.” It’s no different than a warning label on a product. We have to stress the importance of cleaning, because we’ve seen too many listing photos with messy counters and overflowing trash cans. Get in the habit of keeping the house tidy every time you leave so you’re prepared when a showing request comes through. We recommend Made to Serve. We Clean With Heart to help clean and stage your home for listing photos.
2. Depersonalize
Yes, you have the cutest family! But your family isn’t going to live in that house much longer. It is best to pack up any personal pictures or decor so that the potential buyers can envision their photos and their decor in the space. For an inviting feel, consider hanging a “Welcome Home” sign near the front door.
3. Natural Light

And no, we don’t mean the beer. A potential buyer should be walking into a bright and inviting home, not a dungeon. A good photographer will make sure your curtains and blinds are open while taking listing photos. It’s up to you to keep those blinds open on a daily basis and let the let shine in.

4. Adjusting the HVAC Settings

This is a perfect “hit two birds with one stone” analogy. Keep the temperature in your home at a comfortable setting so the potential buyers are not having a heatstroke or forming icicles from their nostrils. Plus, it will show that your HVAC system works!

5. Let Fido Go On Vacation

This could be handled two ways. Definitely make sure that any pets have been relocated during showings, and especially open houses. You may think it’s okay to hide your pets away in the garage or unused closet, but even if you post a sign alerting the buyer agent and buyers not to view that area of the home, 9 times out of 10 someone will still accidentally open that door. Personally, when it comes time for us to sell, our overly-shedding labrador will spend most of his time at his grandparents’ home so we are not vacuuming dog hair from nooks and crannies on a daily basis.

Bonus Tip! The #1 Key to Selling Your House!
The only way your house will sell, is if you allow potential buyers to view it. Try your best to keep your house as available as possible for agents to show it. Declining showings will only keep your house on the market longer.
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